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Broadwood Square Pianos

An updated biography of John Broadwood, describing his progress as the most prolific piano maker ever, emphasising the important rôle of square pianos as his principal product. With 205 pages, and 60 illustrations, this well produced hardback book incorporates significantly revised biographical information, together with social and musical contexts for these pianos, and details of construction and production figures, with serial numbers etc.

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The original print run of 500 is now almost exhausted. (Only a few left, July 2024)

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Kenneth Mobbs, in the Galpin Society Journal

'...a most worthwhile book. Mr Cole is a fluent writer, happy in his choice of words, and every page reveals accurate, detailed observation. The book is required reading for keyboard organologists, and even social historians, and should take its place on the library shelves of museums, universities, and every home which still proudly boasts a Broadwood square piano.'

Comments from other Readers

Dr Alastair Laurence, principal of John Broadwood & Sons Ltd., writes: 'your publication is very much appreciated, and will continue to be so for many years to come.'

Alan Crumpler, Musical Instrument Maker: 'I sat down to read it at 10.30 pm, ... and I was still absorbed in it at 2.30am!'

David Law, Musical Instrument Maker: 'Really enjoyed it. It reads like an Agatha Christie!'

Dr Andreas Beurmann, Collector and Keyboard Player, Hamburg: 'Marvellous! I return to read your book again and again!'


The Pianoforte in the Classical Era

the pianoforte in Classical Era Book michael cole squarepianos fortepiano A comprehensive survey of the construction and musical uses of the piano from 1760 to 1820, based on original research, enlivened with biographical and historical information, relevant to the music and the instruments. There is in-depth discussion of all types of pianos: squares, uprights, and grands, of English, French and German designs, not forgetting compound instruments that combined pianos with harpsichords and organs. A complete chapter giving full information on Mozart's fortepiano, never previously published, demands a complete reassessment of the basis for the fortepiano revival as applied to Mozart's music. Analysis of touch and tone in old pianos produces many surprising conclusions, not least that the oft-stated easy distinctions between Viennese and English touch are too simplistic. These and many other topics are explored more fully than in any previous publication. Three appendices include texts of little known original sources, in original languages and in translations. Regrettably, since the sell out of the first print run, Oxford University Press will supply orders only on their 'Print on Demand' system. This can take ten weeks. Used copies can be purchased on the internet, but unhappily often at grossly inflated prices.

Reviews and Comments

Dr Richard Maunder, Cambridge: 'An absolutely first rate book, which contains a vast amount of new information, lucidly presented.'

Kenneth Mobbs, reviewing in the Galpin Society Journal: 'This is an important and thought provoking book.

Peter Bavington, Instrument Maker, London: 'I feel I must write to say how very much I have enjoyed reading your book.'

Dr Albert Rice, Curator, Claremont, California: 'I have enjoyed reading your book immensely.'

John Watson, Conservator, Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia: 'No less than stunning, The command of historical detail stretches current standards of the piano organology literature.'

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