1. Square piano by John Broadwood, 1794. No. 2743.

A great opportunity to acquire an 18th-century piano, in good playing condition, tuned to A=420. Can be sold as seen - or fully restored, at cost. Recently tuned and set in order by Michael Cole. A few strings replaced -- but otherwise the strings date from a restoration, circa 1970 by unknown person. There is a crack in the sounboard, but not giving any cause for concern at present, certainly not hurting the tone. This piano is in good shape: not distorted. It is a charming piano that looks good and plays well. Hammers have original leather covering, untouched. All dampers present. Retains original inner cover board. Like most Broadwood square pianos from this period it has no handstops or pedals. Ready to play.


2. Muzio Clementi & Co., square piano, c.1803 -- in good playing order.

This is a rare example, having no measurable distortion, and very good stability. Currently tuned to A=420, and given reasonable conditions it stays there. Solid mahogany case, no inlay missing. This instrument has not been scraped and repolished. Original hammers and soundboard. The top has no cracks or serious marks. The pedal is a replacement, carefully copied from an original. Restored by Lucy Coad, circa 1990, further work by Michael Cole 2020. This piano is ready to play.


3. Square Piano by John Broadwood, 1789.

Currently undergoing restoration. A piano made in Mozart's lifetime, in good shape, and structurally secure. Strong replacement hitchpin block, with new hitchpins. Soundboard is a replacement, circa 1957 (looks credible) with original bridge and ribs. Five octaves, FF - f3. Broadwood's unique action with brass under dampers [straight]. There are no handstops or pedals. Original trestle stand.


4. Clementi square piano c.1804.

Very similar to No. 2 above, in very robust structural condition. Original hammer coverings, replacement dampers to original pattern. New strings by Michael Cole. Externally in almost perfect condition - refinished circa 1960, so there are no dents, scratches, or stains.

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