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Photo: Michael Cole

The piano shown above is one of many that will be featured in a new publication by Michael Cole. Research is currently underway to discover more about an associated group of early piano makers - Zumpe, Buntebart, Pohlman and the Schoene brothers. If you have any images or information, particularly regarding Pohlman please make contact [see our contact page] Your input will certainly be acknowledged, with thanks.

Meanwhile our recently updated page on Sebastien Erard can be found by this link

Recently added: a youtube video we've created featuring a Longman & Broderip piano, plus a 1775 catalogue of Longman, Lukey & Broderip, and some photos of Cheltenham, where we are based. Active link, top left.

Also recently added: It is very rare for any 18th century piano to be linked positively with the original owner. But see left column 'Mrs Northey's piano' for a feature on an instrument specifically mentioned in John Broadwood's own Journal.

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