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Photo: Michael Cole

Research is ongoing to discover more about keyboard instruments, and their music, from the second half of the eighteenth century. The focus, for now, is on piano makers Pohlman, Zumpe, Buntebart, and the Schoene brothers. It involves much travel and a lot of new internet searches. If you would like to follow the progress there is a blog spot newly added to this site: michael's blog.

Meanwhile our recently updated page on Sebastien Erard can be found by this link More information

It is encouraging to see that our youtube video featuring a Longman & Broderip piano, passed 500 views in December and is continuing to reach more people. If you liked that, and many people say they did, there is another to come when enough material is in hand, featuring pianos by Pohlman and by Zumpe.

Also recently added: It is very rare for any 18th century piano to be linked positively with the original owner. But see left column 'Mrs Northey's piano' for a feature on an instrument specifically mentioned in John Broadwood's own Journal.

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