Two antique square pianos for sale, in good playing order.

John Broadwood & Son, 1808.

Five-and-a-half octave piano with escapement action, giving a pleasant touch and clear tone especially suitable for Haydn and early Beethoven. Signed above the keys: John Broadwwod & Son / Makers to his Majesty & the Princesses / Great Pulteney Street, Golden Square / London 1808. Serial Number: 11372

Equipped with a newly made sustaining pedal, placed centrally rather than at the left (the original being lost). Six screw-in legs with reeded finish and brass collars and castors - all present and correct. Totally refurbished internally, with new leather and new cloth in all action parts where needed. Currently at A=420.


Square Piano by Leonard Systermans, Paris, 1797

Five octaves, FF-f3, with the two-lever action, Paris-style over dampers, and four pedals - their functions being 1. buff stop [harp] 2. sustain [dampers] 3. Moderator [part of mechanism unhappily missing but could be rebuilt] 4. swell. The case is mahogany with exotic inlays, shellac polished to a high gloss. Original ivory keys in good condition. A well made instrument, with no measurable twist, and standing well in tune. Currently a=420.



1. BROADWOOD square piano, 1798. Complete and restorable. £480 [buyer collects] Legs missing.



Items 1 & 2 now sold






2. A stand with square tapering legs, from a converted 'dressing table' - matches the above piano. £150.

3. BROADWOOD square piano, circa 1812, in need of complete restoration. Ormolu mounts still there. Good case work, and lid, but keyboard must be married from another example of similar date. £180. (possible replacement action available) SOLD

4. Large quantity of well seasoned timber including: Item 4 SOLD



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